The Grand Opening of Phase 2

October 2020 ~ Phase 2 reaches completion... ...more

Kipsamoite's FIRST school Trip

July 2019 ~ thanks to everyone, the children were blessed with their first ever school trip... ...more

Phase 2 reaches new heights...

March 2019 ~ we were able to open 2 new classrooms to the children & level 2 is also taking shape... ...more

Then the rain came...

February 2019 ~ Heavy rain destroyed one of the old classrooms just as we were ready for our new ones... ...more

Pre-School Children helping Children by Raising £400

July 2018 ~ Krakatoa Pre-School Scoot raises £400 for Africa ...more

Nearly New Shoes Fundraiser at Riley Park

June 2018 ~ Marlow's Riley Park Fundraiser ...more

40 Mile Marathon raises £1140 for The Nandi School Project

May 2018 ~ Couple Kieran McDonald & Rachel Berry raising money for Kipsamoite Primary School ...more

Photographer & Gallery owner CJ Holding releases 'Angel'

June 2017 ~ 'Angel' Artist Proof /15 is released for the Nandi Project... ...more

4 Walls Magazine

May 2017 ~ 'Building Kipsamoite Primary School in Kenya' ...more

Kipsamoite School Project stage 1 reaches completion

April 2017 ~ Our first 2 class rooms were completed... ...more