Here are a few videos of our journey so far...

"So far the generosity of our friends and family have helped me raise nearly £5000 towards the rebuilding of the Kipsamoite Primary School in Kenya. Working on the project is a humbling experience and one I recommend everyone does at least once in their lifetime. To feel the love and gratitude the villagers showed towards us was worth all the effort one 100 times over.

"So after raising almost double what we needed why more fund raising ? Well my plan was NOT to rebuild the whole school. But it is now! Bit by bit year by year we will get this done. I estimate about £30,000 will be enough to complete the project which will give them a total of 12 classrooms, a staff room, head teachers offices a storeroom, Lavatories and changing facilities, access to fresh water and a feeding program for the youngest and poorest.

"Your donation will go 100% to the project. We use local suppliers and local trades men so all the money stays within the community. No fat cat expenses or claims are made by us whatsoever I pay for our own flights, accommodation and food whilst there.

Please join us trying to make one small village on the earth a better safer place.

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- Duncan McDonald

Where we began...

The journey so far ~ phase one complete...

And here are some of the pupils enjoying their new classrooms...

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